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Why Buy on AGILIS Platform?

Safe and Secure, Online and on Ground.

When your production line relies on timely delivery of the right product at the right time, your suppliers need to be rock-solid. With your business at stake, you can only afford to buy from a trusted, verified, high-quality supplier – someone you can rely on.

We Agilis enrolls only highly reputed global producers and verified regional and local distributors with a successful track record of serving customers responsibly.

Ensuring safe handling and delivery of chemical products is of utmost importance to us.Most producers on Agilis platform are enrolled into ACC’s Responsible Care® program. Most distributors on Agilis platform are NACD members, trained in handling chemicals safely and securely via Responsible Distribution program.


All You Need on One Platform

Get unlimited access to portfolios from global manufacturers and established distributors.

Access all your quotes, orders, order history and preferences on your own customized dashboard at no charge.

Speed and

Initiate RFQs in just a few clicks.
Manage all communication and procurement steps in one place, including custom dashboards, easy access to quotes, orders, messages, and preferences

Full service

Access to a nationwide network of trusted distributors. Full benefits of a just-in-time doorstep delivery

Data privacy

We do not sell or make money off your browsing history and data.

We follow the highest standards in data encryption to ensure privacy and security of your data. We offer third party audits on data privacy and currently working on implementing ISO 27001, the Gold Standard for Information Security Management System

Customer Testimonials

At Agilis, we believe that modern technology can drive growth, profits, and productivity in the chemicals marketplace, without disrupting proven, established business practices. Together, we can embrace the digital future, and bring transparency and efficiency into the chemical distribution market.

With combination of Agilis’ unique Leads Engine, advanced digital marketing, and technical expertise of Agilis team; we have moved from an unknown entity in N America to qualifying our innovative products to industry-leading customers – in less than 6 months.

ES Lee Vice President, Sales - APEC


The Agilis Commerce Platform has an intuitive interface that requires no training to use, and it is full of functionality that is needed in the chemical distribution business.  It allows customers to have complete transparency of their orders from start to finish. The leads engine and management suite will be very beneficial to drive growth while staying organized and on track!

Jason WeirichVice President of Sales and Marketing - Aalchem


In the past year, Agilis has introduced us to half a dozen new, high quality producers and helped us expand business and grow profitability through their technology solutions and extensive industry network.

Rob Roberts President - Colonial Chemicals Solutions


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