Technology tools for a new era of the industry.

Agilis offers your business the latest technology tools to grow your customer base and solve the chemical industry’s most persistent challenges—high fragmentation, complex value chains, and resulting inefficiencies in sales, marketing, and procurement processes.

Agilis streamlines existing business processes, bringing transparency and efficiency without disrupting established relationships. Our mission is to simplify and automate transactions along every step of the value chain for all players – buyers, distributors, and producers.

We use advanced technology tools, along with our domain expertise, to help our customers identify growth opportunities. Our approach is designed to accelerate sales of specialty chemicals, while reducing complexity of selling commodity chemicals.

A Commerce Platform, not a Marketplace


  • A digital portal as a service delivered to all industry players
  • Supports existing workflows and processes
  • Adds value along the entire value chain


  • An intermediary connecting buyers with sellers
  • Disrupts existing support chains
  • Creates value for some players at the expense of others

Value to our Members

Access to thousands of product profiles, optimized for search engines (SEO)

Chemicals are highly technical products, selling them requires specialized knowledge and skill. While your online portal is not a substitute for the experienced sellers, with the use of modern technology, we make it easier for buyers to find you and your products online. Using our industry expertise, we have built search engine-ready profiles for thousands of chemical products that you can use on your own portal.

Customized workflows to mirror existing relationships between producers, distributors, and customers

Selling industrial chemicals is lot more nuanced than selling consumer products directly to end-users. Traditional online store models do not work for the chemical industry. We built a commerce platform that reflects current value chains of the industry. Producers and distributors can configure product flow just the way they want.

Technology tools to help you grow your business

Agilis is founded by chemical industry professionals. Leveraging our domain expertise and latest technology tools like Machine Learning and natural language processing, we have built a Leads Engine that helps us identify target customers and applications for your products in a matter of minutes.

Integration with existing ERP systems

We drive automation of sales, marketing, and procurement processes. This can only be achieved through integrating our platform with your existing ERP and CRM systems through APIs. We follow the highest standards in data encryption technology to ensure security and privacy of your data.

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